Zurawie Country 670 MASTER

  670 Master
Max reach (m) 6.7
Lifting torque gross (kNm) 39
Lifting capacity at 3,5 m (kg) 870
Lifting capacity at full reach (kg) 451
Slewing torque (kNm) 12
Slewing cylinders (pcs) 4
Slewing angle 380
Rotator max axial load (kN) 30
Telescopic boom stroke length (m) 1.7
Working pressure (bar) 190
Crane's weight without support legs and valve block (kg) 565
Recommended pump capacity (l/min) 30-45
Support legs type A or FD
A type (telescopic) support legs weight, kg 319
FD type (flap down) support legs weight, kg 338
Recommended grapple size (m2) 0.17 or 0.22
Zurawie Country 670 MASTER