Zurawie Country 430 MASTER

  430 Master
Max reach (m) 4.3
Lifting torque gross (kNm) 27
Lifting capacity at 3,5 m (kg) 660
Lifting capacity at full reach (kg) 538
Slewing torque (kNm) 7.8
Slewing cylinders (pcs) 4
Slewing angle 370
Rotator max axial load (kN) 30
Telescopic boom stroke length (m) -
Working pressure (bar) 180
Crane's weight without support legs and valve block (kg) 335
Recommended pump capacity (l/min) 20-35
Support legs type FD
A type (telescopic) support legs weight, kg -
FD type (flap down) support legs weight, kg 135
Recommended grapple size (m2) 0.12 or 0.17
Zurawie Country 430 MASTER